BCH Not Showing In Wallet Despite Transaction Being Completed

Several cryptocurrencies have their own Ledger Live app, but sometimes, depending on how close the cryptos are, the addresses can be interchangeable. If you came across the issue of having sent your BCH to your Ledger wallet but the coins are not showing up in the account, despite the transaction showing as complete, you need to investigate to see what happened.

If this is your situation, don’t stress, your crypto has probably been sent to the wrong address. In today’s tutorial, we will point at a few possible fixes to this problem, so next time it happens, you know what to do.


Make sure you are using the latest version of Ledger Live.

#1: Head over to Blockchain.com, and paste your transaction address. There you can see that under the same address you have both BCH and BTC.

#2: Select the BCH, account and under the ‘Transaction’ tab check the address the BHC was sent to.

It is possible, you might have sent your BCH to the BTC address. If this happened, you do not need to worry, your BHC isn’t gone as the coins will still be on the blockchain. You can recoup your coins, by sending them to the correct address.


If you notice that your BCH coins have not appeared in your account even after the transaction was confirmed, it is worth double-checking the address the coins were sent to. It could be that your BCH coins were sent to the BTC address instead of the BCH address and since the addresses are compatible the coins can be recovered. However, if these were sent to a different address say like ETH then it is likely the coins are lost permanently on the blockchain. Remember, always double-check the addresses before making a transaction.



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